The Star Business Award 2012

The Star Business Award is a prestigious award for outstanding non-public listed companies.
I would like to express my sincerest thanks to The Star for inviting me to speak to the participating companies of The Star Business Award for 2012.  I was asked to speak on behalf of the illustrious Judging Panel, which is comprised of such reputable bodies as the Branding Association of Malaysia, Bursa Malaysia, 4As, FMM and the Chinese Chambers of Commerce.

I feel very privileged to have been a judge for this prestigious award ever since its inception three years ago. I must say that this is an incredibly respectable award. There is stringent scrutiny of each and every entry and absolute transparency throughout the entire judging process. Simply put – only the most deserving companies, and not necessarily the biggest, shall take home a prize.

Also, this is not an award that money buy.  However, if you do win, you will be rewarded with extraordinary prizes. There is a whopping RM1,000,000 worth of free ad space awaiting the deserving winners – all thanks to the kind generosity of The Star.

I encourage all the go-getters of Malaysian SMEs to apply for this award.  In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you win or lose; what matters most is that you do your best in the spirit of entrepreneurship and sportsmanship.

I would like to congratulate the wonderful team of The Star for doing a great job for the Malaysian business community.

Eric Chong is the Managing Director of Erican College, an institute of higher education which unleashes the full potential of young people and molds them into leaders of the design and business fields. He is also the President of Branding Association of Malaysia.


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