4 reasons why Erican College is the best in Malaysia

Are you an SPM/STPM/UEC school leaver? If you are, this is an important video for you. In the next few minutes, I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do NOW!

Your exam is over. You now need to make one of the most important decisions in your life - about your tertiary education. I know you’re worried. I know you’re confused. But two questions you must ask yourself - 1. What to study and, 2. Where to study.

This is Datuk Eric Chong, founder of EricanCollege

If you are thinking about doing one of the following disciplines - Business, Accounting, Mass Communication, PsychologyInformation Technology, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Tourism Management, Hotel Management , Culinary Arts - think no more...come to Erican College!

Let me give you 4 reasons why!

1.     Erican College is the best college in Malaysia - we are the winner of “Best Mid-Sized College Award” by NAPEI in 2016, 2017 and the prestigious “INDYWOOD Award” in 2018.

2.     Erican College is the only college that is recognised by the prestigious City of Oxford College UK and offers a dual diploma - when you complete your diploma with us you actually get two diplomas instead of one - one from Erican College, and one from City of Oxford College. Let me repeat - you pay for one diploma BUT you receive not just a Malaysian qualification but also a UK one - for FREE! This is absolutely crazy!

3.     Erican College offers the fastest and the most affordable degree pathways through working with our university partners in UK and Ireland. You can do all 4 years in Malaysia OR 3 years here and 1 final year there. We can even get you a working permit in Ireland once you complete your degree.

4.     Erican is the only college that offers success coaching. Through the Erican Success Program, you will be transformed, your potential unleashed, your life changed forever.

Contact us for a free consultation NOW! 03-21649999 or www.erican.edu.my. Our friendly and professional course counselors are waiting to assist you. See you!


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