The Book that I'm Still Working On...

Some of you might remember that I planned to write a book on success.

Well, I didn't just think about it, I took action.

I went up to Fraser's Hill on the 28th Dec 2011 with this sole objective in mind. I made a promise to myself - I would not come down from the hill unless and until I finished writing the book!

And I did!!!

I wrote 15 chapters a day. And in 7 days, the book was completed. 120,000 words, 100 chapters, 350 pages. Not bad!

However, that was only a draft! You can't possibly publish a book without having a few rounds of serious proof-reading and editing of the draft.

However, after I returned from Fraser's Hill I was overwhelmed by a busy workload and activities. There simply wasn't time to proof-read and edit this book.

Finally, after months of punishing itinerary, I found time to work at it over this weekend. So I sat down quietly at home and started going through the drafts.

OMG!!! I found tons of things that I wanted to change.

It isn't that the script wasn't well written, it is just that it can be tremendously enhanced if given time.

You know what? Editing a book turns out to be TEN TIMES more time consuming that actually writing it!!!

I'm not going to rush it. This book is going to be a great book. I'm determined to set aside some time each day to edit it until 'perfection' is achieved. :)

If everything goes smoothly, I hope this book will be launched in August or September.

Watch for it, my friends!

“Life is about constantly going beyond limits!”
- Eric Chong, Erican Education


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