Have NO Reservations or Fears!

Eric Chong: "Branding Association of Malaysia is proud to participate in the judging of the Star Business Award."
"I run a small chain of mamak restaurants in the Klang Valley.  My vision is to serve the best nasi lemak and I have lots of satisfied customers. Can I apply for the Star Business Award?"

These words came from a humble-looking Indian man who approached me after I had spoken before an audience of potential applicants for the Star Business Award on Friday.

I was really touched by his spirit and so I said to him, "Yes, I think you must apply. Since you are so passionate and committed to what you do, have no reservations or fears - go out there and put yourself next to the best players in the country."

I look forward to spending time going through all the applications for the Star Business Award 2012 together with my peers in the judging panel.

Sincerely, I wish all the applicants the best of luck. :)

Eric Chong is the Managing Director of Erican College, an institute of higher education which unleashes the full potential of young people and molds them into leaders of the design and business fields. He is also the President of Branding Association of Malaysia.


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