Eric Chong meets Tan Sri Dr Ramon Navaratnam

Tan Sri Ramon is someone I have great respect for.

I ran into a very honourable man a few days ago. He was none other than Tan Sri Dr Ramon Navaratnam.

Long since retired from his last government position as Transport Ministry Secretary General, Tan Sri Ramon still pursues his life long passions passionately. Not only does he advocate corporate governance and fair business practices, he also champions poverty eradication, promotes education and addresses economic issues, both domestic and international.

He wears many hats; one of the better known ones is his role as Corporate Advisor to the Sunway Group. He is also President of Transparency International Malaysia.

Tan Sri, thank you for your many contributions toward building a better Malaysia.

Eric Chong is the Managing Director of Erican College, a college which unleashes the full potential of young people and molds them into leaders of the design and business fields. He is also the President of Branding Association of Malaysia.


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