What Size is your Picture?

The size of the picture that one has directly determines the scale of achievement that one will attain.

Some people have big pictures, some people have medium-sized pictures, and some people have small pictures. Sadly, some people have no pictures at all.

Let's begin with those with big pictures.

The "big picture" people understand what is most important for their success. They are usually not wavered by the little things that happen in their lives. Their direction towards their ultimate destination never changes just because one or two unexpected things have happened in their lives.

These people hold fast to their vision and they pursue their calling relentlessly. They seem to be fearless and bold. They do things that defy expectations and the imagination of the common man. Even when a situation gets seriously tough, they are steadfast. These people never give up.

And then, there are the "medium picture" people.

These people also see a picture but their picture is confined to the constraints of their vision. They understand their direction and ultimate calling, but because they are not able to overcome their deepest fear and self-doubt, they restrain their future to a size that they can manage.

To keep themselves safe, medium picture people feel that it is better if the picture is not extraordinary. They want to achieve, but they don't want to risk anything. They want to be successful, but they don't want to go through the agony which comes along with pursuing the path of success.

Therefore, they always opt for second best. A successful picture but, nonetheless, one that is manageable.

These people will, of course, never be the extraordinary or legendary people that are admired by all. They will be reasonably successful and reasonably well to do. Their career will reach a reasonable height. And they will possess reasonable possessions, but nothing in their lives will be extraordinary.

The third type of people is the "small picture" people.

Whatever they do, they think small. If there is a chance to do something which will allow them significant contribution, they are likely to say 'no' to that opportunity because it may take too much effort.

Small picture people cannot see far ahead. To them, the most important thing is to live without pressure, to enjoy life, to avoid pain and to pursue pleasure.

They get up in the morning, go to work, come home in the evening, sit in front of the television, go to bed, and the next morning, get up, go to work, watch television, and go to bed again. They live their life in a most predictable and routine manner. When this routine is not observed, they feel very uncomfortable.

So, they act just like a simple computer programme does. Everything runs the same way for months and years until one day this simple routine becomes impossible for them to continue.

These people constitute the majority of our population. They are, nonetheless, the backbone of our society. They provide the hands - the labour that society needs in order to be productive. These people form the foundation of the pyramid.

Collectively, they are important to our world. And yet, individually, they make very little contribution.

Finally, there are those who have "no picture" at all. They exist without knowing 'why' they exist. They live aimlessly.

Many of these people don't work; they refuse to be engaged productively. They depend mostly on other people for sustenance. Some may even do things that violate the common law of nature. These people usually become the liability of society. They contribute negatively to the betterment of mankind.

These people are the ones that you and I shall teach the future generation not to be like.

In the end, whatever type of person we want to be is a personal choice. You are the one who chooses whether to have a big picture, medium picture, small picture or no picture at all. And whoever you choose to become, it is a personal choice which should be respected by all.

Whatever your choice is, I wish you well.

However, if you do choose to be a big picture person, I hope your picture will be grand indeed. Since you have decided to make your picture a big one, make it as big as possible! Don't hold back. Make the colours bold; make the concept interesting and out of the world; make your picture one-of-a-kind; make it truly extraordinary.

Remember, your picture reflects your life and your value as a person. The way you view the world determines who you really are.

"Life is about constantly going beyond limits!"
- Erican Chong


  1. I've met people from each category throughout my life. I'd like to think I am middle going to big, with some splattering of random insanity interwoven into my picture. ^_~

  2. Very inspiring articles indeed. Kudos to your wonderful blog Eric and keep it up :)

  3. This is something to think about... am i big or small picture? Not sure. Hehe! Thomas

  4. Tan Ban King:
    This article makes good & inspiring reading. As I was browsing through it, at one point of moment, my mind was abrupty linked to something I heard a long time ago from someone wise; that, too was talking about mortals categorised in 3 groups.
    Cat 1: Great people talk about ideas.
    Cat 2: Average people talk about things.
    Cat 3: Small people talk about other people.

  5. I'm quite an ardent reader but I don't remember reading about 'people and picture'. A very interesting comparison. Now I know my picture size - medium.
    Thank you to Eric.


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