The Little Things

Success is basically an accumulation of all the little right things that we do each day. It is not the one big step that we take that will make us successful. It is the little steps that we take on a daily basis in the right direction that will take us there.

It is unreasonable to get up one fine morning, decide to be successful and expect that success to take place instantly.

Instead, should you wake one morning and decide to be successful, then set realistic expectations, formulate a plan, do little things right every day and work towards your ultimate success.

Along the way, set yourself smaller milestones and achieve several intermediate successes. These will help to keep your ultimate goal within sight.

What do I mean by doing the ‘little things’ every day? What are these ‘little things’?

Those little things, to be honest with you, are nothing that will amaze you. They are not things that you will make you say: “Wow, I never thought about that! No wonder people are successful – after all, they do these amazing things that I have never even heard of.”

So we are not talking about anything new or shocking. We are talking about the normal everyday things that we do as human beings.

These things can be as simple as eating healthily, exercising daily, and setting time aside for reading, learning, thinking and planning. It means sparing enough time for sharing and loving, and at the end of the day to reflect and then to correct.

These are the ‘little things’ that we must do every single day in order to get things right.

It sounds too simple, but it is true. Life isn’t rocket science.

To have a successful life, you just need to follow some very simple principles, so don’t complicate things for no reason.

Use your time to its best and get your ‘little things’ done today!

"Life is about constantly going beyond limits!"
- Erican Chong


  1. Exactly! I agreed 100%.

    Liew @

  2. It sounds so simple and yet we so often forget the simple solutions. Sometimes you've got to say 'to heck with it' and realize you've got to set time aside for the important stuff. Most people find once they do, everything else starts to come together.

  3. Hello ... i'm a erican's student .. i had been learning at erican since i was 8 years old .. now i already 15 years old ... i still remember mr.eric chong had told me ... "one way to succes , must prepare everysecond . " i very thanksyou mr.eric chong for giving me the way to succeed ..


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