Eric Chong meets Dato Nelson Kwok

Dato Nelson Kwok, MD of Nelson's Franchise & President of MRCA.
Eric Chong, MD of Erican College & President of Branding Association of Malaysia.
"I'm Malaysia's most famous International 'Corn-Man'!"

Dato Nelson Kwok, Founder of Nelson's Franchise, is all about corn. He jokes about his 'corn-man-ship' a lot and passionately promotes the 'art of corn' throughout the world. :)

Dato Nelson, who is also the MRCA President, believes that success in life has no short cuts. And as a socially responsible entrepreneur, he is often seen talking to young people and inspiring them to unleash their fullest potentials and achieve success in life.

I am very privileged to have been a good friend of Dato Nelson for 12 years, the man who has built a global empire out of the concept of 'corn in cup'.

“Life is about constantly going beyond limits!”
- Eric Chong, Erican Education


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