Success - a Science or an Art?

Success is both a science and an art. 

It is a science because success can be theorised. If you want to succeed, you can follow a certain known formula and the outcome is usually predictable. Successful entrepreneurs are like scientists – they understand the theories of success and consistently apply them in their day-to-day pursuit of entrepreneurship.

However, due to the many variances in real life situations, it is impossible to find a formula that fits all. Success isn’t always straightforward. To achieve great success in life, it does take some common sense. Success, therefore, isn’t just a science; it is also an art. Successful entrepreneurs are like artists – they use their gut-feelings and inspirations at the spur of the moment to create something out of the box and extraordinary.

So be a scientist like Albert Einstein and an artist like Pablo Picasso in your quest for entrepreneurial success. 

Yes, you can!

Eric Chong is the Managing Director of Erican College, an institute of higher education which unleashes the full potential of young people and molds them into leaders of the design and business fields. He is also the President of Branding Association of Malaysia. 


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