I Want to Write a Book


I have always wanted to write a book, a book on success and life. However, this has not eventuated yet and until today, it remains a mere vision!

Like most busy adults, I justify my non-action with boring reasons such as 'I'm too busy!', 'I'll do it when I'm ready to do it!', 'There are other more important things in life!' etc, etc, etc.


I am going to write this book no matter how busy or impossible my schedule will become. I must do this because I know my book is going to inspire and enlighten thousands of people to achieve greater success and live much better lives.

The title of this book is tentatively this - Yes, You Can! I will give myself 3 months to get this mission accomplished, i.e. by the end of November 2011. By this time, my contents must be ready for publication.

To meet this deadline I will have to write like crazy - I will write while traveling in the car; I will write while waiting for a meeting to start; I will write before a meal is served; I will write while walking on the treadmill; I will even get up to write if a great idea hits me in the middle of my sleep.

Wish me luck! I am absolutely in need of your blessings and well wishes. :)


  1. Hi Mr Eric, thanks for coming to St. George's Institution Taiping for the ERICAN's roadshow 2 days ago (10th of November). You have delivered a very good presentation and have inspired those who have attended the session. Wish you all the best in everything...

  2. I always want to write a book, but somehow even an article will take days to finish.Well I must educate myself


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